Friday, August 10, 2007

Behavioral Targeting: Advertising Gets Personal

In a world that is demanding more personalized and relevant marketing, the Internet, perceived to be all that is cutting-edge fairs no better at meeting this demand than does offline print marketing.

According to an eMarketer report, "Behavioral Targeting: Advertising Gets Personal" only 33.8 percent of websites offer relevant and targeted marketing. Direct mail is close behind, according to a recent InfoTrends report, as only 31% of consumers feel their direct mail is personal or relevant.

Consumer demand for relevance is there, and US behaviorally targeted online advertising spending is estimated to meet that demand increasing from 575 million in 2007 to 3.8 billion in 2011.

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Friday, August 3, 2007

What is Variable Data Printing?

What is Variable Data Printing

There was an interesting discussion on a printing press forum where a user asked what variable data printing meant. He was familiar with the term and said it seemed self-explanatory, but wasn’t sure how people were using the technology, or what all the "buzz" was about.

There were a variety of answers including "It's a word processing software that allows you to use mail-merge on documents." Sure, who hasn't merged a contacts list or database to personalize the address and contact name input fields? But the variable data printing process of today make that process look archaic--paleo even.

Wikipedia defines variable data printing as, "Variable Data Printing or VDP (also known as Variable Information Printing, or VIP) is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the press, using information from a database or external file. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter. Variable data printing is mainly used for direct marketing, customer relationship management and advertising."

Marketing firms and printers today are able to use variable data printing software with digital presses and targeted mailing lists to create targeted direct mail and brochures. It's an extremely affordable way to increase response rates and sales revenue. Variable Thinking, a Chicago marketing firm has a nice list of VDP case studies that showcase the ways variable data printing is used.

This includes printing-on-demand, franchise marketing, customized monthly statements, personalized direct mail, customized coupons, rewards programs, and other uses. CMOs that take the time to target their database, create an attention-grabbing ad, and use variable data printing have reported up to $200,000 in new sales from a mere 1,000 personalized and targeted marketing pieces! So, there is more than just buzz with variable data printing and personalized marketing--there are huge results too.

An easy way to determine if variable data printing and personalized marketing is the best choice for your company is to send out a small batch of personalized direct mail along with your normal static mailer and compare the results. Companies that try this with a targeted mailing list often experience 10%, 20% even 50% response rate increases.

Variable Data Printing

How are you using variable data printing? Please share how you're using variable data printing and what your successes or issues have been.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is Relationship Marketing

Studies show that improving relations with existing customers costs about 90% less than acquiring new customers!

Relationship marketing, as the name implies, is a strategy for growing, improving and maintaining relationships with customers. The objective of relationship marketing is to build long-term relationships with existing customers, or those most likely to purchase your goods and services, and then maximize their lifetime value. In addition to increased sales revenue, companies benefit from word-of-mouth advertising and lower administrative costs. Relationship marketing focuses on the unique characteristics, lifestyles, and needs of customers and tailors the marketing campaign based on how their product or service can meet those criteria. This personalized message is communicated over several channels and encompasses not only advertising and marketing, but sales, customer service, and any touch point between the customer and you.

Relationship marketing is not a one-time service, but a long-term marketing strategy. Variable Thinking is the only long-term business partner that can provide the entire relationship marketing solution, from database marketing to response tracking, under one roof.